Fredrikstad Seafoods hires Roger Fredriksen with 30 years experience in Aquaculture

Jun 29, 2015

Long experience in Aquaculture and broad experience from the industry were emphasised when Fredrikstad Seafoods hired their facility manager. It was no disadvantage that he has a special passion for land-based production. Fredrikstad Seafoods which goes into production in 2017, has set a high standard when recruiting its management team.


Production manager with long experience


Today, Fredrikstad Seafoods can announce that Roger Fredriksen, production manager at Wilsgaard Fiskeoppdrett, has signed on as facility manager for Fredrikstad Seafoods. Fredriksen will have overall responsibility for the operation, including the on-site slaughtering facility. We have hired Fredriksen based on his 30 years of experience in aquaculture, says CEO Erik Heim from the main shareholder Nordic Aquafarms.

Fredriksen has many years experience with salmon farming. In addition he has experience with farming halibut and lobster. He was also a part of the early wave of land-based production in Norway in the 1980s.


Passion for land-based production


I have for many years had a passion for land-based production. I am convinced that a part of the future growth in the industry will happen on land and that it will be competitive, says Fredriksen. I am very happy to be a part of this process.
Fredriksen will be joining Fredrikstad Seafoods in November 2016. We wish him welcome.


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