Fredrikstad Seafoods approaching construction stage

Aug 14, 2015

Fredrikstad Seafoods has nearly completed final planning before construction can commence. Rigourous planning and quality insurance in every aspect of the facility will be complete in September 2015.

The facility is state of the art in terms of environmental profile. Sludge from fish production will be pumped directly to a local biogas partner for production of renewable energy. The facility will also remove 90 percent of organic materials and phosphorus in

its water outlet.


Although there are plenty with water resources available, the facility will have an hourly water exchange of only 1 percent. Intake water will treated in a four step process before reaching the production tanks to ensure a stable and good water quality year-round. When combined with stable water temperatures of 13-15 degrees throughout the year in the production tanks we are creating an optimal environment for fish welfare and growth. By applying the collective competencies of the Nordic Aquafarm team and engaging in applied research, Fredrikstad Seafoods is aiming to create a front-runner in profitable production of salmon in RAS systems. Based on current progress the facility will be able to go into production in the second half of 2016 with its production of a premium salmon product. Interested customers are already waiting for the product.

The team of Fredrikstad Seafoods