Nordic Aquafarms expands partnerships

April 06, 2018

Nordic Aquafarms and Inter Aqua Advance have entered into a long-term strategic agreement to develop, design and deliver large RAS facilities in Norway, as well in the US.


Construction for a new 1,6 mil smolt facility in Fredrikstad is planned to start in 2018, and for 3,5 mil smolt in the US by mid-2019. Development of new grow-out expansion is also moving ahead. A 4200 mt/year grow-out expansion in Fredrikstad is planned to start by year-end 2018, while construction of grow-out modules for 13.000 mt/year in the US is expected to start in the second half of 2019.


CEO Erik Heim in Nordic Aquafarms says, “we have chosen Inter Aqua Advance as our main RAS partner based on a good collaboration experience and quality work since 2017. Nordic Aquafarms has developed strong in-house capabilities and a new generation of designs, and we have therefore been focused on partnering with a competitive RAS partner that can meet our needs in the coming years. We have found a very professional RAS partner in Inter Aqua Advance.”


Mikael Sivertsen CEO in Inter Aqua Advance says, “we are happy to work with Nordic Aquafarms in developing designs, but also to contribute with our international experience based on many year’s experience in this market. We are already expanding our organization to be able to deliver to Nordic Aquafarms and our other customers in the coming years. The industry is in rapid development and we see a great potential to put our more than 40-year’s experience to work in the market.”