Orkla-backed venture gets nod for land-based salmon farm

Mar 30, 2015

Norway’s Fisheries Directorate has granted permission to Fredrikstad Seafoods to farm salmon onshore in southeastern Norway.

The permission consists of two research licenses, valid for five years and allowing for a standing biomass of up to 600 metric tons each. Fredrikstad Seafood applied for permission to farm salmon on land on Sept. 4, 2014. Its application sought a ten-year license to farm salmon in brakkvann (salinity of 13-17 per thousand) in a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS).


Founded by Erik Heim, Fredrikstad Seafoods is backed by investors including Orkla Eiendom via Fredrikstad Innovasjonspark, and by Brazilian-owned Denofa. In January, Norwegian media reported that the entrepreneur Bard Eker — best known for his involvement in the boat and car businesses Hydrolift and Koenigsegg — would also join the backers, by taking part in an investment round of NOK 230 million.


Heim, who holds approximately 10% in the business, told the state broadcaster NRK at the time that he hoped the license would be in place by February. Norway’s government last week unveiled its plans to grow domestic aquaculture responsibly by linking any increase in growth — at most 5% a year for the next two years — directly to farms’ scoring according to a set of sustainability indicators. At first, these indicators will consist of sealice levels, but could be expanded to include other indicators such as waste.


While land-based aquaculture is seen as one solution to sustainable growth in aquaculture, it is not the only one, fisheries minister Elisabeth Aspaker said, unveiling the measures. Offshore farming for instance — trialed by salmon producer Salmar — also holds great promise, she said.



Soruce: www.undercurrentnews.com