Nordic Aquafarms AS, Gamle Fredrikstad
Fredrikstad, 28. Januar 2016

Press release: Nordic Aquafarms starts construction in Denmark

Jan 28, 2016

Nordic Aquafarms (NAF) specializes in development of quality production in land-based recirculation systems. Our investments in Maximus and Sashimi Royal, both in Denmark, are being developed in cooperation with Sustain Seafood Invest. NAF is a 50 percent shareholder in Maximus and 62,5 percent shareholder in Sashimi Royal. NAF is majority shareholder in our Norwegian salmon project Fredrikstad Seafoods.

NAF can now announce progress in the production of a new species in the Nordics and construction start for its grow-out facility, Sashimi Royal, in Denmark.


Maximus is a land-based facility with specialized infrastructure for marine fry production. The facility has a history back to the 1990s as a quality producer of turbot fry.  The facility with modernized in 2015 and is now showing excellent results in spawning for Yellowtail Kingfish, also known as Seriola. The experienced team at Maximus has successfully managed over 100 brood stock, live feed systems and the early larvae and fry process.  Several generations of fry have now been produced. The facility will move into volume production during the Spring of 2016.


Our grow-out facility for Kingfish, Sashimi Royal, will have its construction start in late February 2016 when the Danish environment- and food minister will be on-site to officially open the construction process. The facility will be the first in Europe for large scale grow-out of kingfish on land. Phase one will involve 1200 tons annual production. Based on our successful management of broodstock for nearly a year, the outlook for producing harvest size kingfish of 3-4 kilo is looking promising.


The Danish facilities have been financed through investor capital from Norway and Denmark, grants from Danish authorities and the EU and bank financing.


Our Norwegian daughter company Fredrikstad Seafoods is rapidly approaching construction start after a long permit process with the Norwegian authorities. The company has already sold most of its production through long-term market agreements. The first construction stage will involve annual production of 2400 tons salmon. We are now in-line to deliver our first salmon in 2018.

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