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Progress at Maximus, Denmark

Sep 14, 2016

The joint venture with Sustain Seafood in Denmark is making progress. Renovation of the marine production facility is nearly complete and will soon be ready to produce up to a million fingerlings of marine fish annually. The facility has historically produced turbot fingerlings, but we are now moving into production of Yellowtail kingfish.

Broodstock of Yellowtail kingfish have been running steady in the facility since spring with healthy growth and no mortality. Currently the largest fish weight close to 15 kilos and are sexually mature and being readied for spawning. Maximus has a unique large-scale set-up created by the CEO Bent Urup for production of copepods, artemia and rotefiers. This is a critical diet for marine fish larvae to ensure a healthy development and growth. With live feeding processes now being readied, the entire production process will be on-line by October 2015.

Next steps at Maximus will be to renovate and prepare the other production buildings for smolt production. Renovation will start in October and the remaining facilities will be ready for production before Christmas.

Based on our progress the facility will be in full production in the first quarter of 2016. Nordic Aquafarms is following progress closely and moving towards establishing one of the most unique aquaculture production facilities in the Nordics.