Progress in Belfast

March 06, 2018

Nordic Aquafarms is now engaging in a range of development activities in Belfast to make progress towards necessary permits for its US aquaculture facility.


A first information meeting was held in Belfast on February 21. The engagement from the community was tremendous with an estimated 250 people attending. Although many details remain to be clarified, the objective of the meeting was to share more information about the facility plans and what they mean for the community. We want to thank the citizens of Belfast for many good questions and the high level of interest in our plans.

Nordic Aquafarms will be transparent in its further planning and will on a regular basis be present in in Belfast to engage with local stakeholders, hold information meetings and will also publish information on this site on a regular basis.


A range of activities are already in progress on the landsite. We are currently conducting testing of groundwater resources. The first results are encouraging, but more assessments must be completed before we have final results in April. Nordic Aquafarms will only draw on water resources that are sustainable in a long-term perspective. One of the benefits in Belfast is the presence of clean water resources that are ideal for producing high quality seafood.


A range of other surveying activities are also in progress on the site.  A number of US partners are engaged in this work, with Ransom Consulting as the coordinating party.


In April we expect the following information to be available:


  • Proposed situation and landscape architecture plan for the site.
  • Overall ground water results on the site (fresh and brackish water).
  • Discharge profile for the facility.
  • Other environmental assessments.


We will keep the Belfast community updated as we progress, and will also be in regular communications with the community.


Once again, we would like to thank the community for the high level of engagement and hope to reward this with a world-class facility demonstrating best-in-class sustainability.