Business units

Nordic Aquafarms is developing its business with an international perspective. We are currently invested in facilities in Norway and Denmark, and we have a Bi-costal US strategy with projects in Maine and California. See below for more information about our subsidiaries.

Fredrikstad Seafood

In Fredrikstad, Norway’s first large-scale land-based salmon farm has been in operation since May 2019 and has delivered high-quality salmon to selected European customers since Q2 2020.


Fredrikstad Seafoods has complete grow-out infrastructure and on-site fish processing and will facilitate production of Atlantic Salmon to 4-8 kilos, with annual production capacity of 1,500 MT, and with potential for 3,000 MT on-site capacity expansion. Fresh gutted salmon is delivered on a weekly basis. The facility has 17 employees is Global G.A.P and ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) approved. This innovation project has been supported by Innovation Norway.


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Sashimi Royal

Sashimi Royal in Hanstholm at the north-western part of Denmark has one of the largest yellowtail kingfish productions in the world, with annual production capacity of approximately 600 MT, and with potential for 6,500 MT on-site capacity expansion.. The fingerlings are produced at the vertically integrated hatchery Maximus AS.


The operation includes the entire rearing process from broodstock to harvest size fish out the door. The facility has delivered fish to top restaurants across Europe since 2018.


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Nordic Aquafarms INC

The US operation is based on a close to consumer strategy in strong regional consumer markets. Extensive site search has led to competitive facility locations on each US coastline.


In Belfast, Maine we are in the final phase of achieving permits. This is a 54-acre multi-stage development project with a complete value chain from incoming eggs to processed fish out the door. The facility will deliver a quality salmon product to the north-east region of the US when in operation. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2021.


In Humboldt, California we are currently in the engineering and permitting phase with a total of 50 acres for development. Applications have been submitted with expected permit clarifications in 2021. When in operation, the facility will deliver product to the entire West Coast of the US.


US operations are organized in the 100 % owned subsidiary Nordic Aquafarms Inc with US headquarters in Portland, Maine. Execution strength is being established step by step on the ground with 10 experienced employees in the US so far, and top-rated construction partners. The US operation is set to expand in line with investments.