Fredrikstad Seafoods – strong biological performance from the first generations of land-raised salmon

April 28, 2021

Fredrikstad Seafoods has successfully harvested salmon on a weekly basis for almost a year now. We have learned a lot and gained a lot (of biomass and experience)! Since production-start we have ramped up production step-by-step while also testing capacity-limits in both production and processing. During the first 10 months of harvesting we have sold more than 650 tonns (320 tonns in Q1 2021) with less than 5% downgrades, +90% superior, average size of ~4,5 kg gutted weight (~4,9kg in Q1 2021) and with consistent and very high quality. Mortalities has been low, we see no sign of early maturation and we have had no incidents with loss of fish. It seems like fish are thriving (on land) at the shores of the river Glomma!

Next week we are welcoming another 150.000 smolts in the facility, while another 150.000 are moving in later in the year and we are by that laying the grounds for continuous harvest week-in and week-out going forward. The production team, under steady command of Roger Fredriksen has done a tremendous job, always keeping “fish first” and focusing on getting better and better every day!