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Nordic Aquafarms are pure-play land-based seafood companies with in-house RAS-design, proprietary technology, construction and project management, production and sales. True success in land-based seafood production requires understanding of all aspects of the technology and fish biology, and we therefore design, build and operate our own farms. In close collaboration with our experienced production managers, our Danish RAS engineers design farms with equipment from high quality suppliers. Our operating teams are highly skilled fish experts with long experience from sea-based and land-based aquaculture.

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Nordic Aquafarms believe that fresh product should be locally sourced to mitigate effects on climate and for consumers to be confident about the products they consume.

Nordic Aquafarms addresses the sustainability challenge through the following strategies:

  • Close to consumer – thus dramatically reducing CO2 footprint
  • Treating discharge for bacteria and virus to protect wild fish populations.
  • Escape proof facilities.
  • Recycling of all biproducts.
  • Power-efficient systems.
  • Local community engagement and contributions.

To truly realize sustainable practices, we are committed to being transparent and provide fully traceable products.

All our facilities shall be certified by leading sustainability organizations, and both our Danish and Norwegian facilities are ASC certified. .

Transparency Act.

Fredrikstad Seafoods AS and Nordic Aquafarms Europe AS are working to maintain a sustainable business practice that respects people, society, and the environment. In order to support a sustainable business practice, we wish to co-operate with our suppliers and business partners. Cooperation in the supply chain is a prerequisite for responsible business practice.


We expect our suppliers and subcontractors to work purposefully and systematically to comply with our guidelines for suppliers and include principles for sustainable business practice, which cover fundamental requirements for human rights, labor rights, anti-corruption, animal welfare, and the environment. Our suppliers and subcontractors must:


  • Follow guidelines for suppliers and principles for sustainable business practices.
  • Work with risk assessments for negative impacts on people, society, and the environment.
  • Upon request, document how they themself and any subcontractors work to comply with guidelines.
  • Show the will and ability to comply with the guidelines. If not, termination of the contract may occur.
  • Have a system for handling complaints related to human rights, labor rights, the environment, and corruption.
  • Avoid trading partners that have an operation in countries that have been imposed trade boycotts by the UN and/or the Norwegian government.


Obligation to provide information:


  • By written request, you and everyone have the right from 1 July 2022 to have information about how we handle actual and potential negative consequences in general and for individual goods or services. Welcome to get in touch about this! The easiest way is to send an e-mail to apenhetsloven@nordicaquafarms.com
  • As a general rule, we will respond to your request within three weeks of receipt.
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Nordic Aquafarms develop land-based seafood production close to the large markets and has already established production of salmon in Fredrikstad, Norway and yellowtail kingfish in Hanstholm, Denmark. In the US we have a Bi-costal strategy with projects in Maine and California, and we have an open eye for projects in Asia.


Following a demerger completed in 2022 the group of companies is split in two holding companies; Nordic Aquafarms Group AS includes the US projects and Nordic Aquafarms Technology in Denmark, and Nordic Aquafarms Europe AS includes Fredrikstad Seafoods in Norway and Sashimi Royal and Maximus in Denmark. The corporate headquarters of both holding companies are in Fredrikstad, Norway.

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A fantastic seafood product always starts with high standards in fish welfare and pure inputs and Nordic Aquafarms mission has been to produce food that meet the expectations of the most demanding seafood consumers. Our land-based yellowtail kingfish is currently sold to top restaurants across Europe, with broad positive feedback and ongoing sales to demanding buyers. Salmon from Fredrikstad Seafoods has been in sale since April 2020 and the product has been very well received by the customers, with great taste, firm texture, nice colour and delicate fat distribution.

Consumers expect pure, fresh, and fully traceable products. A growing number of consumers, buyers, and retailers also care about the sustainability of seafood products. Nordic Aquafarms is committed to providing complete traceability to support consumers and buyers in their decision making.

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Nordic Aquafarms was founded on a vision of making a real difference in developing next generation seafood systems and has developed proprietary RAS systems with patented technology. Our designs and execution always start with fish welfare and environmental objectives, and we build systems that are made to last.

What are recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)?

  • All production takes place indoors
  • Water is recirculated and continuously treated to maintain good water quality for the fish
  • Water exchange is maintained through intake and discharge of moderate volumes of water per kilo fish
  • Feeding, light, water quality, and temperature are constantly optimized 
  • Back-up systems ensure reliable operations
  • The technology involved is generally in wide use in the aquaculture industry

We have taken RAS further in terms of performance and scale. Some of our innovations developed by our in-house experts, based on proven technologies, include:

  • Highest treatment levels of discharge in the industry
  • Proprietary patented technology to ensure good and stable water quality
  • Extensive bio-security prevention measures to avoid disease
  • Unique energy management systems reducing power use and cost

The end-result are modules ready for truly large-scale RAS farming – and a key solution in contributing to increasing seafood supply without leaving a material environmental footprint.

Both our hatchery and grow-out designs have been designed to eliminate risk of fish escape, through extensive physical barriers. 

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We invest in our staff and are committed to growing a world-class organization of leaders and experts. To be successful in this new and growing industry we believe it is important to have in-house expertise in RAS design, project management, production management and sales & marketing, and our unique team of RAS designers, project and production managers have developed proprietary designs and production protocols for our facilities.

Nordic Aquafarms RAS engineers have extensive experience from designing and building RAS facilities, and have designed and constructed RAS farms for some of the world’s largest salmon producers for many years. The team joined Nordic Aquafarms in 2018. The project managers have long experience from large construction projects, including RAS systems, and our production managers have extensive knowledge from sea-based and land-based aquaculture, some with more than 25 years of experience from this sector.

We currently have employees across three different countries, now counting over 70 experienced staff.