Søren Mattesen new CEO of Sashimi Royal

May 19, 2021

Since October 2020 Sashimi Royal and Maximus, the Yellowtail Kingfish operation in Denmark, has been wholly owned subsidiaries of Nordic Aquafarms Group, and we have been busy laying the grounds for further development and scaling of the production of this amazing product. Our in-house RAS engineers have already implemented updates of the system using our proprietary technology to improve production capacity. Furthermore, detailed plans for capacity expansion to 4,000MT annual production has been developed.

Roger Fredriksen has been promoted to Production Director Scandinavia and is managing the production at both Fredrikstad Seafoods and Sashimi Royal/Maximus while Torben Kristensen from Nordic Aquafarms Technology is in place as interim CEO of Sashimi Royal/Maximus.

1st of August we will welcome the new CEO of Sashimi Royal and Maximus, Søren Mattesen. Søren has vast experience as a leader in the seafood/food production industry after 16 years as CEO of Vilsund Blue, a processor of high-quality mussels from the Limfjord in Denmark. He will come with extensive focus on business development, quality and leadership, and we are looking forward to working with him and rest of the team to take our Yellowtail Kingfish operations to the next level. Welcome to the team Søren!